Woohoo, food display time, so last weekend, we worked a bridal show and got to spend sometime checking(and taking to the studio to shoot on Monday), some FOOD, cupcakes and pork loin, full description later with the pictures.  I must say they both rate right up there some of the best food both in looks and taste.

Let’s start with Table1, they are a caterer based out of Lancaster, OH and I got to sample their Brown Sugar Chili Rubbed Pork Loin served with Thai Chili Glaze.  Take a look at these pictures, it was incredibly done, just right, tender and the glaze was to die for.


You can reach JM at Table1 at table1lancaster@gmail.com or give him a call at (740) 415-5027.

Next up is Lisa’s Cake Shop, also based in Lancaster, OH.  Just wait till you see these cupcakes, spent time taking pictures of them wrapped in NOT what you’d would think, paper cupcake holders like you would use at home to make cupcakes but these beautiful papers that gives them a serious look of excellence.  So not only do they look excellent, the taste excellent also.  Can’t you just taste the peanut butter chocolate, the pumpkin spice and the raspberry filled.  Beautiful looking and tasting.

Ok so take a look at the presentation of the cupcakes:



How about the inside:


Doesn’t that just make you want to run out and buy some cupcakes?  

You can contact Lisa by email at: lisascakeshop@gmail.com or give her a call at her business:  (740) 503-4936.

Joseph Testa Productions, Your Biz Your Product and the parent company, Testa Enterprise Consulting Inc., believes in Truth In Advertising, as defined by the US Federal Trade Commission(FTC), so everything you see when it comes to food photography is real and is completely edible.  No using motor oil as “pancake syrup”, so it does not get absorbed into the pancake, using glue as milk in cereal or anything else fake to enhance or alter our pictures.  If we photographed it, we ate it also.