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Update 2:  Here is link to a short overview some of what the speakers spoke on:   https://vimeo.com/268882215

Joseph Testa Productions not only films weddings and produce corporate seminars but we spend time filming for various non-profits that we deem are important.  Here is the story of one of them: Live With Lyfe.  Kenston Henderson is founder/Chief Empowerment Officer and here is how he describes his organization:

“Created to ignite, inspire and empower you to Live with Lyfe and to motivate you to begin a new journey filled with peace, joy and success.”

Doesn’t that sound like an organization you’d want to be involved with?  We thought so, so we partnered with them to film their LWL Follow-Through Mens Empower U Conference on March 17th, 2018 at  J.H. Ross Family Life Center in near east side of Columbus OH.

Here are the specifics of the conference:

In a bid to inspire and ignite the passion of men to do more within the community, Follow-Through–a Men’s Empower U Conference–will be organized by Kenston E. Henderson Sr., in the city of Columbus, Ohio, on the 17th of March, 2018 at the J.H. Ross Family Life & Community Center, 907 Lexington Ave, from 9AM to 2:30PM.

Following the 2017 dreading statistics of homicide recorded in the city, and the alarming rate at which atrocities have been attached to the non-involvement of men in community growth, it became important to call in for a redress in a psychological yet practical way.

Kenston, the convener of Follow-Through.”2018 is the year of Follow-Through. MEN it starts with us. No longer will we say we wish we would have done this or that, completed that goal or finished that project. No more I can’t, no more wait until tomorrow, no more will our children and communities grow up fatherless and man-less. Accept the challenge–with no apologies or excuses–to be present”. 

“Empower U Conference” our speakers: Ruben WestRoland MannyReggie PaceCarlos Christian, and Chris McClure. Five dynamic men who are known for positively impacting lives around the world. They are doubly excited to ignite, inspire, and empower you on topics such as (How’s That Working for You? Decluttering a Self-Defeating Mindset), (Walk Through Fire, Smell Like Victory), (Even if it Scares You, Just Do it! A Man Without Vision and Action Perishes).

We’re happy to announce the first video is completed, it is a moving video by Carlos Christian of The Starts Within Organization.

As the rest of the videos are completed, this post will be updated.  We will also create a new post as each is released for public consumption.

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