October 9th, 2017  – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

COLUMBUS, OH – Joseph Testa Productions is searching for the 2018 Small Non-Profit Organization who would like……….

Every year Joseph Testa Productions chooses a non-profit to donate our services to produce a video that tells their story.  for 2018, we’re changing up how we make the selection.

Effective immediately you can fill out a questionnaire/survey online to submit the information for your non-profit organization to submit it as a candidate for us to tell your story.


  • Must be a legal entity(LLC, S-Corp, etc) in Ohio.
  • Must be registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) entity.
  • Must be located in Franklin County Ohio or one of the surrounding(touching Franklin County) counties.
  • Must be willing to be interviewed either in-person or via phone call to verify eligibility and find out more about your organization.

Take a look at our corporate welcome packet so you can see the methodology of how we can tell your story: http://www.josephtestaproductions.com/pdf/Corporate_Story.pdf

So what does the selected non-profit get?

  • We spend time with you to determine your story, interviews, oral, written documents and research on your non-profit.
  • A final story built on what we learn about your organization.
  • A video you can use on social media, your website, etc.
  • Length of story and the entire creative process is determined by staff of Joseph Testa Productions with input from your non-profit but final decision of the video content, etc remains with Joseph Testa Productions.

Interested?  Fill out our really short survey (link is below this paragraph) by Dec 31st, 2017.  Starting in January 2018, we’ll begin the filtering process and by March 31st, 2018 we will have selected the non-profit to receive the opportunity to have your story told.


Any questions, feel free to contact us:

  • email: info@JosephTestaProductions.com
  • call/text: 614-774-3595


Decision of the organization chosen is determined by staff of Joseph Testa Productions and all decisions are final.

In the event the chosen organization decides to not have their story told, Joseph Testa Productions has the option to choose another organization.




Joseph Testa Productions is film production company specializing in telling stories.  From weddings to your small business, everyone has a story and we’re here to produce a film of “Your Story”.  Contact:  info@JosephTestaProductions.com  Call/Text: 614-774-3595