Preserving Memories

What does that mean?  One of the aspects (besides wedding films and small business corporate promos) that we do is Media Conversion.

dv_tape VHS-cassette 220px-Super-VHS-Compact001-Mini-Version 20160919_073357

From DV, full size VHS, VHS-C and 16mm tape, as well as photos, negatives and slides, we can convert all of them for you to digital.  Then you can share them in the “cloud” online, FB.

Those tapes are at most good for 10-12 years and then begin to deteriorate, get them converted before your memories are all gone.

With the holidays coming up, what a great present to give, get that old media converted to digital.

Contact us today to discuss what you’d like to have done, consultation and quote is free.

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