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Today on the blog, we had a chance to chat with Joedi from Created by Joedi, she gives some insight to the beautiful wood items that she makes.


Joedi, so tell us about these items you create:  I make wood burned and hand painted signs and other crafts. My goal is to provide my customers with unique items that stand out and dare to be different. I believe I am the best because, whenever I create an order, whether it be custom or premade, I make sure that each customer knows what they are getting. I make sure that each person receives an item that I would be proud to say I made. I put the time and attention into each item to make sure they are great.

Who is your audience for the items you make?  The home owner looking for unique items to make their home more inviting and welcoming. However recently I have added items geared towards the wedding decor area.

What makes you different from others who make the same kind of things you do?    I am different from my peers because I work with each client to make sure their sign is something they will be happy with. I include them from the beginning from choosing fonts, to colors and placements. I try to make sure they are with me in all the process and are happy with the outcome. I also try to deliver prompt service. When I can help it, I try to have their product in their hands within 14 days.

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How can everyone contact you, I assume you’re on all of the social media?  You can contact me any of the ways below, looking forward to hearing from you.

Phone:  678-830-5706

As always you can contact us:

Joseph Testa Films
Call/Text:  614-774-3595

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