Today we chatted with Grace Hope with Premier Designs.

Q:  Tell us a little bit about your company, what do you do?

A:  I give away Free Jewelry, plan small events in ladies’ homes, fundraisers, or craft shows and also sell jewelry. Think of me as an accessory stylist. I know the in fashion and trends and teach ladies that as well as how to lose weight with jewelry and how to save money with jewelry. I have been doing this for almost 8 years as a Premier Designs Jewelry Lady and have won awards in selling, sponsoring, and leadership. I also am a teacher in the area of basic selling techniques as well as train at our local training area.

Q:  Who are your ideal clients?

A:  Mostly women from ages 20-70 in the wedding industry, we supply the bride with her bridal party to complete her dream wedding look! I can help any bride in any area of the US. I do free consultations with no obligation. Most of my brides like to get her jewelry free by hosting a jewelry show at her house and she will get an average of $250 in Free Jewelry!

Q:  What makes you different or unique from others that sell jewelry?

A:  I am different from other jewelry ladies is that I am patient for the potential bride. I understand that brides are not thinking of the small details like jewelry and feel they have to cut costs like jewelry and accessories. Also I train newbies in the area that are starting to sell. Lastly our jewelry is top notch and guaranteed if there is a manufacturing defect we will replace it for a $5 charge.

Q:  Why should a bride talk with you?

A:   Brides should come to me because of my experience. Plus I know what is in her budget and have done many consultations and jewelry shows so she knows that I am a professional. Lastly I can style any bride with her theme from country to elegant!

Q: What is the best way for brides to contact you?

A:  I have a secret group on FB, graces gems. Just ask and I can get you added.

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Grace Hope Premier Designs Jewelry
(440) 497-7662
We have beautiful jewelry for great gifts! Contact me to get it Free!

You can always contact us for your wedding film needs and small business corporate promotional films.

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Call/Text:  614-774-3595

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