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For a wedding film, audio is unbelievably important.  With the best video and only so-so audio, the whole thing becomes so-so.  Today we chat about audio/microphones and it’s importance.

Let’s say you’re having an outdoor wedding and it’s near a street or close to a place where a lawnmower is mowing grass (yes this happened to us at a recent wedding).   Do you really want to hear the lawnmower over the sounds of your vows?  So how do you make sure that the professional recording your wedding day doesn’t give you a video with all of those sounds?  You can’t unless you hire someone who knows audio well enough to be able to remove those sounds.

Ask the wedding professional how they would remove background sounds so that your vows come out crystal clear.  Also ask them if they are using some other recording mechanism besides the on-board microphone on the camera.

Does the groom need to wear a microphone?  Absolutely, is that the only mechanism for capturing the vows?  Absolutely not, we have multiple ways to record your wedding vows.  We put two on the groom.  Why?  Electronics fail and redundancy is important, not having great audio for your vows is just unacceptable.

We use two types, the latest greatest we use is by R0DE their Filmmaker Kit, after many years of using Sennheiser microphones for our wedding films.   Notice how small the microphone is, it can barely be seen.


Here is a shot of the Groom at the ceremony, can you even see the microphone?


What about speeches/toasts?  How do those get recorded?  As a wedding film producer, we must OWN the speeches?  What does that mean?  We literally have our own wireless microphones, mic stand and recording equipment, we do not rely on the DJ/Band sound board.  Why do we do that?  Because the sound of your wedding day must absolutely, positively must be perfect.   We still use our Sennheiser handheld microphone for toasts/speeches.  

So what is the one big differentiator between photography and videography? 

Sound, your vows, the speeches, all of it must be perfect and the only way to do that is to have your own sound equipment.  Ask your wedding videographer, how are they going to record the sounds of your wedding?

Take a listen here:

Which do you prefer for your wedding vows?

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