Today on the blog, we chat with Leah Wachtel, Coordinator Ralph Phillips Conference Center/Events at North Central State College.




Q:  Leah, tell us about the college and what you do.

A:  I handle all of the rentals, reservations and coordinating of spaces and events for NC State’s 4 campuses. The College offers to the community the James W Kehoe Center in Shelby where my office is located, the Urban Center in Downtown Mansfield, the newly finished Crawford County Success Center in Bucyrus and the main campus located in Ontario. We are very lucky in that we serve two very different types of clientele. We have a social and a professional audience that make up our customer base. We are here to provide space and an experience for any occasion to gather.

Q:  So why does your department exist?

A:  North Central State’s Rentals & Reservations department exists for the enrichment of the citizens of its expanding service region and the betterment of local communities. The department aspires to provide personal customer service and select locations, for social engagements that enhance the memories of a lifetime and for business forums moving towards future innovation and economic development.

Q:  What types of spaces are available for the public to rent?

A:  Our facilities are centrally located between Cleveland and Columbus and are the ideal place to host any memorable event. Available for booking, dependent upon location, the College offers conference rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, breakout suites or the newest edition to our prime locations, a state of the art conference center.

Q:  I have heard good things about the Kehoe Center, tell me about it:

A:  As you drive into the Kehoe Center a royal majestic feel overwhelms you. The grounds, also available for event rental, are magnificent while providing stunning photo opportunities with spectacular views. One of the things that our guests particularly love at the Kehoe Center is the complementary time span that the College offers them. When scheduling permits, the guest is given the luxury of having access to their desired rental space the day before and after their large event. I feel the extra time promotes our goal of helping to create the memories of a lifetime for our social clientele.



Q:  So what is going on at the Urban Center?

A:  My department is focusing some attention on our Downtown Mansfield location, the Urban Center, right now. We feel that it is just a great hot spot of potential that a lot of folks do not know about. We are beginning to work on some things that will potentially this season open up our balcony area for additional event space that faces the Brickyard in Downtown Mansfield for a unique experience of the Final Friday Concert Series.

Q: There is a relatively new group, Tri-County Wedding Association, how can the College’s association with the group benefit your guests?

A:  The College and I deeply value the relationships that have been built from the personal attention that our guests receive during their time spent with us. We love the opportunities to be helpful and assist guests in locating the proper skilled professionals for all of the services needed for their event to be successful and memorable. With the recent development of the Tri-County Wedding Association, the community will gain the advantage of having a lot of these professionals represented now in one place.

Q:  Do you have bridal shows at any of your locations?

A:  Watch for the upcoming Castle of Dreams Bridal Experience on Sunday October 2, 2016 at the Kehoe Center.  Imagination is the only limitation in the places where eventful memories begin. Call us to begin your journey!

Q: Leah, any final words?

A:  Our facilities are handicapped accessible and just some of the amenities include:

  • On-site facilities coordinator and security at specific locations
  • Complimentary parking,
  • Off-site licensed catering accepted
  • Access to a wide variety of audio visual equipment with a highly qualified information technology staff.

Pricing and further details are also available on our website.

In addition, we may be found on and in the Great Meetings Ohio magazine 2016 edition

Q:  Leah, how can they contact you?

A:  Here are the ways I can be contacted:


A couple more pictures:

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