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Today, a bit on the difference between the two terms.

Joseph Testa Films has done both and still does both, so what is the difference?

Definitions (from our perspective, based on what we produce)

  • Documentary:  Your ceremony, grand entrance, toasts and dances in chronological order, just how it happened, up to 60 minutes in length.
  • Feature Film:  Your wedding day told using a cinematic and story-telling approach, comprised of the day’s most compelling, important and entertaining moments.  We are with you from bridal preps, through the reception.  Feature film length is entirely dependent on what all we capture.
  • Highlights: A quick showcase of your day, lasting no more than 5 minutes.  A great option for those who couldn’t make it to the event but want to see what they missed.
  • Trailer: A 1-2 minute trailer of what your feature film will look like.

Ok so back to the difference, notice we’ve put Cinematography in BLUE and Videography in GREEN.

  • Cinematography
    • Is the art of using video, audio and music to tell a story.
    • Uses a storytelling experience, we keep it changing or dynamic, to keep you focused till the end.
    • Audio is of utmost importance, it can make or break a film.  We choose songs (sometimes with lyrics) that show your wedding day, all of the emotions that went along with the day.
    • Final product is usually not more than 25 minutes, like for our feature films.
    • Is more characterized by a shallow-depth-of-field look, smooth camera movement, good quality sound, and the feeling of high production value.
    • Emphasize story, and way more work goes into the editing, usually 40-60 hours for a feature film.
  • Videography
    • Is to simply record an event from beginning to end.
    • Your wedding ceremony is recorded using videography, where there are static cameras rolling the entire time.
    • Final product can sometimes be as long as 2 hours.
    • Is a documentary, since there is no “story-telling”, it can usually be edited in 10 hours.

Does that help differentiate?

Here are some photo pulls from our feature films, notice the “shallow depth of field”, meaning how the subject is in focus but the background is not, that is a sign of cinematography.

tn_Image22 tn_nathan_ready_1 Bridal Preparations - Bride Education 101 tn_Image7

Take a look at this short film clip on how we go from in focus to focusing on a different part, that is cinematography:

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