Katy’s Kandies – Vendor Showcase

Today on the blog, is Benny from Katy’s Kandies


I met Benny a few months ago at a wedding vendor networking event held by Katie St John with An Occasional Florist

We had a chance to chat about the company and what it does:

Q:  Benny, what is Katy’s Kandies?

A:  Katy’s Kandies is a hand crafted, gourmet chocolate company that specializes in decadent truffles, mouthwatering toffee, and creamy buckeyes. Our unique process and proprietary blend makes us the best chocolate company out there. Because of our process and proprietary blend, we are able to create a creamy, soft ganache that brings an everlasting sensation to the palate. Due to this process, we make everything to order to assure freshness and quality. Most importantly, this ensures the customer that no truffle looks like their’s because each truffle is this just for that special person.

Q:  Who is your audience, I assume it is not just brides/weddings?

A:  Our audience is plain and simple, chocolate lovers. From those people who want you to treat themselves or someone special, to large events like weddings or corporate parties. Nothing is too large or small, Katy’s Kandies can do it all. Katy’s Kandies would like to go into fundraising for schools and get more involved with retail outlets. Whether it be wine, coffee, flowers, or markets, Katy’s Kandies has a wide spectrum of avenues to turn down.

Q:  What do you want everyone to know about Katy’s Kandies?

A:  We want them coming away with knowing a great sense of our taste through how each truffle is described, knowing our process and knowing that our company is dedicated to making each individual who receives our candy feel special.

Q:  What sets you apart from your peers?

A:  We go above the call of duty to provide an experience from the time they see their box to the point where they taste our product for the first time.

I have had their candies, absolutely delicious.

More delicious pictures:

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You can contact Benny any of the following ways:

Email: katyskandies@yahoo.com
Phone: 360-280-7749
Website: http://www.katyskandies.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KatysKandies

As always you can contact us:

Joseph Testa Films
Call/Text:  614-774-3595
Email: jtesta@JosephTestaFilms.com

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