Pictures and Video – How many copies

Today’s blog post is a bit of a different slant, not about weddings per-se or vendors.

We’re going to talk about backups of your pictures and videos.  Since the age of digital cameras, most people (including myself as I started taking pictures back in the dark ages known as the 1970’s) take what seems like millions of pictures but don’t necessarily make prints.

The one error most people make is they do NOT make backups either.  What do I mean by backups?  So this is the normal person’s workflow of taking pictures:

  1. Take picture
  2. Move from camera to computer
  3. Format card in camera
  4. Manipulate picture on computer
  5. Share on social media (maybe)
  6. How many copies of the picture do you have right now?  You have one, right? 

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What happens if the hard drive on your computer dies?  Seriously, what happens without another copy of that picture or a print of it?  It is gone.

How many of you right now fit in that scenario?  If I had to guess quite a few of you.  Now you will say what about you, don’t you do the same thing?

I would love to tell you I do the same thing but I do not.  I come from an IT field where I was responsible for backups of databases for many years.  All of my family’s photos/video and the weddings I shoot video for are all backed up numerous times, does this take time?  For sure it does but it gives me piece of mind to know that my family photos are backed up 4 times and all of the weddings we shoot are backed up just as many times, with copies offsite from my office.

Back up your pics and video to an external hard drive, the cloud or something.

It saddens me, I have multiple friends who have NO PICTURES of their kids growing up when the computer hard drive where they were all stored, died, yes literally they lost all of them.

Don’t be the person that has lost all of their pictures.  Brides, as you work with your photographer, purchase prints, a wedding photobook or if the photographer doesn’t offer that, get prints made, hang them on the wall put them in an album and make a backup of that USB drive or CD you got with your wedding pics, give a copy to a family member who has a fireproof box, it will take up very little room.

Not sure what this all means, please contact me, I’ll be glad to chat with you on the phone about all of this, don’t be the one who loses all of your wedding, kids, family photos.

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