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Joseph Testa Films recently partnered with and had chance to chat with Chris Aram one of the founders.

Before we jump into the discussion with Chris, let define what Gively is (from the website):

Gively allows you (a wedding photographer or other small business owner) to offer your clients a unique, online wedding gift registry at which they may register for your products and services.

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Q: What is Gively?

A:  It is a platform which enables small business owners to offer gift registries to their clients and customers. This makes it easy for wedding photographers, videographers, venues and others to earn more while serving their clients better. Registries help business owners to maximize earnings while also helping clients maximize their investment in products or services without breaking their personal budget.

Q: Chris, who is your audience?

A:  We work directly with small business owners, providing not only a platform for them to offer gift registries but also advice and insight for making the most of their new opportunity. In many ways, gift registries are simply a common-sense extension of your business, but we do offer basic, recommended best practices which — in our two years of experience — maximize your odds of success.

Q:  What kind offer do you have for a vendor who is looking to partner with you and offer a registry?

A:  Give us a try! We offer an unlimited free trial in order to make your first experience as simple and risk-free as possible.

Q:  What makes you different than your peers like other bridal registries?

A:  Many members have commented that our product is not only the easiest to use, but also the lowest cost as well. We charge absolutely no commissions on any sales made; once you decide to upgrade to a paid membership, your costs are only $9.95/mo.  We continue to innovate and ask our customers and ourselves what we can do better to make all of our users’ experience the best of its kind. We really appreciate all user feedback and strive to respond to all communications within a few hours, if not sooner.

Still have questions(brides or vendors), send Chris an email:
Website: Gively

As always you can contact us:

Joseph Testa Films
Call/Text:  614-774-3595

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