Ceremony – Bride Education 101

Today on the blog, we chat about your wedding ceremony.

At the ceremony location, we don’t always get the luxury of being able to be where we want, to be able to get that great shot at the front with the bride coming down the aisle. This is because of rules of the location (mostly at a church they have the most restrictive guidelines on where we can be).  As you can see here,


one of the Joseph Testa Films staff had to shoot from the balcony.  You, as well as Joseph Testa Films will check with the location/minister to make sure of where we can and can’t be.

But if we can be done front to capture the bride coming down the aisle we will be there.walk1

This is also in our agreement that you will sign.  No one wants to be surprised on wedding day by being told, “You can’t record video in our church, that’s not allowed”.   It just makes bad blood for everyone.  This is supposed to be a happy day and surprises like that just are not fun.

So the responsibility falls on both of us to make sure that we can record your ceremony where it’s going to happen without any restrictions (or at least know the restrictions before wedding day).

All of our packages we record your entire ceremony(which makes sense, right?) and only our Gold package we don’t include the entire ceremony, as it is a feature film only package.

Keep in mind, we will also put 2 microphones on the groom so make sure we capture your vows perfectly.  Take a look at our audio blog post on why.

Call/Text us today to see if we have availability to capture your wedding day

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