Bridal Preparations – Bride Education 101

Today on the blog, we chat about bridal preparations, what is it and why it is important to have captured.

Your wedding film, known to us as your Feature Film will contain between 30-40% of bridal preps.  Why?  Because the wedding day is all about the Bride and part of the day is her getting ready, so it is important for us to capture that.  From getting her hair done to putting on her veil, we will want to capture all of it.

We request that the bride be in a bar-height director type chair.  The bride being in that type of chair helps from multiple perspectives:

  • Being up higher helps to eliminate the other distractions in the room
  • Focuses more on the bride
  • Helps the make-up artist to not have to bend over to be able to apply make-up

We will work with her make-up artist to ensure that the lighting is the best it can be, that normally means natural lighting.  What do we mean by natural lighting?  Lighting from outside, so we’d want to get those moments of her getting ready near a window, hence natural lighting.   Notice below how natural lighting lit up this bride.


Not only is it important to capture the bride but it also is important to capture what else is going on, junior bridesmaids, flower girls.


and the dress

dress_beading dress dress

and of course Hair and Makeup

tn_Image9 makeup Image2 bridal_preps_grandma feature_film_final 018

So #brides, if you’re looking to have your day preserved like what you see here.

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