We realize that we’re not the least expensive option you will consider.  When you fall in love with what we produce and think you can’t afford us, let us know, we have worked out payment plans for brides in the past and depending how far out your wedding is, we might be able to work one out for you.

Also if you cannot afford(even with a payment plan) our wedding story films or highlights, (and we understand that as our wedding film prices don’t fit in every bride’s budget) we can produce a simple documentary for you instead.


Documentary Film:  + $1232.00

Movie Trailer:  + $748.00

Highlights(3-5 mins):  + $1024.00

Blu-Ray or DVD disk(1) instead of USB Drive:  + $272.00, each additional $64.00

Extra USB Drive: + $52.00 each

Raw Footage (on external hard drive): + $1987.00

Hollywood style movie poster (20x30 unframed): $352.00

Canvas Art of the audio of your vows: $389.00