Author: Joseph Testa

Bridal Preparations – Bride Education 101

Bridal Preparations – Bride Education 101 Today on the blog, we chat about bridal preparations, what is it and why it is important to have captured. Your wedding film, known to us as your Feature Film will contain between 30-40% of bridal preps.  Why?  Because the wedding day is all about the Bride and part of the day is her getting ready, so it is important for us to capture that.  From getting her hair done to putting on her veil, we will want to capture all of it. We request that the bride be in a bar-height director...

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Jessica & Andrew Wedding – September 13th

Jessica & Andrew – September 13th Today on the blog, we feature Jessica & Andrew Wedding.  Jessica and I spoke via facebook and she was having her wedding in Columbus, although she lived in Michigan.  We were able to work out everything with her remotely and were able to capture her beautiful day.  We spent the day with her and Andy starting at Franklin Park Conservatory for bridal preps and the ceremony.  The reception was at Brio at Polaris.   Her hair and makeup artist was Christine from Columbus Traveling Beauty Team.  It was our 1st time at Franklin...

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Amber and Andy – August 21 2015

Amber and Andy – August 21, 2015 Today on the blog, we present Amber and Andy’s #wedding feature film. We got to spend all day with Amber and Andy, capturing from bridal preps through the “Hang on Sloopy, OHIO” at the reception. What a day it was, Amber was a gem to work with, letting us invade her wonderful day made our job so much easier.  As you can see from the pictures below, it was very beautiful and with them being big baseball fans, as we were developing their feature film, it just seemed appropriate to start the...

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